Window Box Design & Planting for Your Home

Window boxes welcome us home every day. They welcome our guests. They demonstrate in the loveliest way that we care for our house, our neighborhood, and our community. And they enrich our lives.

In the city, growing plants keep us connected to the natural world. Window boxes are gorgeous gardens almost everyone can have – even people without yards or roof decks or balconies. Window boxes provide lush vibrant beauty in small spaces.

Here are some of our seasonal designs:

How We Design and Plant Your Window Boxes

At Earthly Delights, we design and plant window box plantings to exceed your expectations. We take the time to understand your personal preferences and tastes before we begin work.

We consider the planting conditions of your window boxes, including the amount of sun and shade they will get and how much (or how little) maintenance the plantings require. We match our window boxes to complement the style of your home and neighborhood, and of course to delight you!

Every window box we create is unique. We never use a design template and you will never see your window box plantings arranged in the same way as someone else’s. Our window boxes are designed using solid horticultural principles so they look good throughout the season.

Window boxes are the jewelry of a house, the ornamentation that enhances the rest of the home, and makes it look dressed up every day. We recommend switching the plantings four times a year so your plants always look their best and the plantings are seasonally appropriate.

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