Earthly Delights has the knowledge, experience, and imagination to create the urban garden of your dreams. Here is what Earthly Delights offers.

Earthly Delights Urban Gardens in Philadelphia photo collage 245 pixel widthUrban Garden Design & Planting

Green spaces provide a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of the city. They connect and ground us to the natural world. Best of all, studies confirm what many of us have always known: planted spaces provide physical and mental health benefits.

Carrie Borgenicht derives tremendous satisfaction from working with you to design the optimal urban garden for beauty and function.

Whether you use your garden for entertaining, for meals, as a play space for your children, or for the pretty view from your kitchen window — Carrie works with you to maximize the aesthetics and functional use of your outdoor spaces.

City gardens face numerous challenges. They can get constant hot, blazing sun or little light at all. Gardens on roof decks and balconies contend with strong winds. The soil in existing gardens often lacks the nutrients and structure that most plants need to survive.

Over the years, Carrie has developed specialized knowledge and skill to create the most beautiful urban gardens in the most challenging conditions.

Window Boxes & Garden Containers

There’s nothing like a lush, lovely window box to welcome you home after a long day and to show your neighbors that you care about your home, neighborhood, and community.

In the city, with little in-the-ground soil, container plantings are often our only gardening option. Luckily, planters provide versatility, structure, and dimension to create imaginative and gorgeous container gardens on sidewalks, patios, balconies, and beyond.

Urban Garden Restoration

Has your garden seen better days? Whether you’ve just bought a place with an overgrown back yard, or life got in the way of tending your garden, Earthly Delights will not only restore your garden to its former glory, but will make it more beautiful than ever before.

Garden Collaboration

Carrie collaborates closely with you to create your garden. She also collaborates with other professionals to meet your outdoor needs. She works with arborists who ensure that your trees are safe and healthy. She partners with landscape professionals who specialize in building and repairing garden structures such as built-in planters, patios, arbors, ponds, and fountains.

Garden Consultation, Coaching & Mentoring

Tending one’s own garden can be tremendously satisfying. It can also be overwhelming – there’s so much to learn! Carrie will guide you through that process. Her garden coaching services include working alongside you and customizing your experience to match your exact needs and desires.

You will learn how to prune your roses and other shrubs using sound horticultural practices and learn which plants want your sunny spots and which to plant in the shadiest corners. You’ll take trips to favorite area nurseries to pick out plants and you will learn everything you need to create and maintain the urban garden that is very much your own.

Seasonal Plantings

Gardens and container plantings are an ideal way to celebrate the seasons. Carrie designs plantings for every time of year. Spring bulbs are a welcome sight after a long cold winter. There’s nothing to compare to a garden’s summer exuberance. Autumn brings with it the warm colors of changing foliage. And winter gives us the calm, understated look and textures of evergreens. Earthly Delights can make your plantings look great year round.

Maintenance Plans

Every garden needs maintenance. A maintenance plan that meets your lifestyle and the cultural needs of your plants is essential to keep your garden looking its best. Whether you enjoy the day-to-day tending of your garden, or want that task completed for you, Carrie will develop a plan that meets your needs and the needs of your garden.

Ecological Horticulture

The most successful urban gardens take the surrounding environment into consideration, in terms of both aesthetics and ecology. The Philadelphia region is one of great biodiversity and ecological importance. Earthly Delights takes land stewardship seriously.

For clients who want to attract birds, honeybees, and butterflies to their garden, Earthly Delights will plant native flowering plants and shrubs to attract wildlife and to provide food and habitat, utilizing organic practices to ensure a healthy environment for all.

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